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Family Day (Celebration of Indonesian Independence Day)

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21 Agustus 2017 - 13:32:39 Posted by admin / Kategori : Umum / Hits : 399
Family Day (Celebration of Indonesian Independence Day)

SDK Plus Family Day

Celebrating Indonesia Independence Day, on Friday, 18 August 2017, SDK Plus held an event called Family Day. After few years since the first Family Day made, SDK Plus decided to make it happen again. This program aims not only to cheer up the celebration but also to strengthen the bond between the school, parents and students.

There were five activities Family day. The first activity was Morning Exercise. All of the parents, students and teachers gathered at the field to have morning exercise which was lead by one of parents. The second activity was Marathon games. It included arranging puzzle, crawling, eating crackers, sack race, picking candies, wooden clog race, walking with balloon, and filling bottle with water. The participants were grouped into nine groups. There were three rounds. In each round, there were three groups to compete. Even the teachers’ team also joined this game. It was fun to see the students with their parents cooperated to win the games. The third activity was distributing the marbles for lower classes. Surprisingly, grade 1 won this game. The fourth activity was tug of war for upper classes. Grade 4 A won this game. The parents also joined this game even won the game, defeated the teachers’ team. The last activity was family photo booth. Each family may take pictures and uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #sdkplusfamilyday.

Zee, as one of the well-known brands also joined in the celebration. Zee team provided welcoming drink, a cup of chocolate milk for each participant who came to the event. They also provided trophy and goodie bag for family photo booth competition. Not only Zee but also some bazaar stands were also provided by the school to cheer up the event.

At the final day, school gave special goodie bags for marathon games, distributing marbles, and tug of war. Zee gave trophies and goodie bags for family photo booth competition.

Happy Independence Day!

See you on the next Family Day!

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