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FAMILY DAY - Dirgahayu ke-73 Republik Indonesia

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24 Agustus 2018 - 09:49:52 Posted by admin / Kategori : Pengumuman / Hits : 311
FAMILY DAY - Dirgahayu ke-73 Republik Indonesia

SDK Plus PENABUR Cirebon has just celebrated 73 Indonesian Independence Day which was held on 16 August 2018. The school invited all the parents & studetns of SDK Plus to celebrate this big day. This event started at 07.30 with morning exercise led by Edric’s Mom (grade 5). After that the parents & students were asked to have morning break with drinking milk from the sponsor. Then the games were played by the parents & students. Some games: balap sarung, tangkap ayam, makan kerupuk, tarik tambang. This parents & students were very happy and they enjoyed all the games. This event was ended with the annoucement for the winners and giving the prize to them. We also had some donation from parents & students for Lombok.

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