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Character Class Progam

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Character Class Progam

Character Class

SDK Plus PENABUR Cirebon

Bible Super Heroes

      Learning from the example of inspirational figures is one of the interesting learning media for children. This time the PENABUR SDK Plus invites all students to learn from the example of Bible characters.

      This activity is a continuation of a series of activities that carried out in December 2018. In the activity of this character class, each class will learn more about the life of a Bible character they have chosen.

      The first grader, learned from Job and Moses figures, the second grade learned from the figures of Noah and David, the third grader learned from the characters Abraham and Joseph, the fourth grader learned from the character Matthew Disciple Jesus, fifth grade learning from the figures of Mary Magdalene and Daniel and the sixth class learned from the Elijah’s figure.

      This activity held for four days starting from Tuesday to Friday. Each class will discuss more deeply about the lives and good character of Bible leaders. The activity begins with singing hymns, ices breaker and delivering material with interesting methods for children. After that, the children asked to make a work that contained their commitment to be willing to make changes in accordance with the example of the Bible characters they learned.

      Through the activities of this character class, we want that every student can get to know the characters of the Bible and have good character.

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