New Academic Year 2021-2022 Parent-Teacher Meeting
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New Academic Year 2021-2022 Parent-Teacher Meeting

On Thursday and Friday (July, 15-16) SDK Plus PENABUR has invited all parents to come to the Parent-Teacher Meeting via Zoom. Apart from being an annual event, this meeting is very important as a medium of good communication between parents and school, especially in the midst of the pandemic like now so that a good coordination can be made for the implementation of better teaching and learning process for all students who have been entrusted in SDK Plus PENABUR.

Even though the pandemic is still ongoing, the school is ready to serve all students with the right learning model. May the spirit that is brought this year in the motto ’I am SPECIAL’ (Spiritual-Passionate-Enthusiastic-Caring-Integrity-Adaptive-Leader) can motivate the students to be better.

We hope that with a good start, encouraging motivation, virtual class training and all the input from parents, we can make this school year even better. Let’s jump higher with SDK Plus PENABUR! Educating to the BEST!





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